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Completed projects and innovative technology

Component Integration

Customised manifold for complex circuits in ultra-compact format.

Air Preparation Units

Pre-assembled Air Preparation units and valve bank assemblies ready for despatch.

Positioning Cylinder

Position controlled pneumatic cylinder with SM6 series linear position sensor and Position control module.

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Coal train unloading trigger control panel.

Precision Gearbox

Hi-Precision gearbox, with < 3 arc minute backlash, for automotive parts testing machine.

Cabinet Assembly

Modular Filter regulator assembly, with filtered pilot control line to the ISO1 valve assembly.

Rodless Cylinder

5.5m Rodless Cylinder with Heavy Duty Guide Rail for heavy transfer loads.

Custom Design and Build

Custom-built Test Unit for Hydraulic Proportional Valves / Pumps. Workshop or field testing / commissioning.


Mobile Pneumatic Injection control system mounted on a tractor. Pre-wired for plug and play.

Signal Converter Module

Designed and manufactured by PAE to interface and convert sensors and control signals found in OFF-Road vehicles, to other specialty or standard industrial voltage and current outputs. May be customised for special interfacing and control applications in one-off or multiple quantities.

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